We make all jewellery by hand, piece by piece. They are all exclusive pieces. The custom order process allows us to perfectly match each piece by understanding all your needs. The process incudes two stages: 


  1.  Stage I starts with a discussion about the piece, its size, stones/colors and metals to be used. During this first stage we ask you to describe us something about the jewellery you wish (the type, stones/colors, metal or anything else important to you). We will help you during the design phase by asking questions and making suggestions to make the final design required. It usually takes some time to ensure we understand your needs. Finally we cover the stones, size, metals, finish, weight and an estimated cost and delivery time.
  2. On stage II we implement the order. The process begins after we have a clear understanding of your desires obtained from our discussion. In this phase, we create a design at first. When the design(s) are ready, we send you a link to see the pictures of the design(s) and approve it -or- request modifications.


To place an order, please contact us: 

Phone: + 48 518 818 929