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We cbring gems together with personalities.
We cast our craftwork out of all kinds of materials:
Both hard and soft.
Titanium and gold, enamel and waterglass.
Watching gems  that seemed so  fenced off dehisce in our  hands
Is our greatest passion.
Some of them bring good luck, they say.
Some of them help  voice the sentiments.
All  of them, they say, carry a  touch of  a soul,
That we can hand further – from hand to hand,
From generation to generation.
Even the longest living fashion is no more than
A fraction of  a  gem’s lifetime.
Knowing that keeps us inspired.
Gems are just timeless.
That’s what we always keep in mind, –
When working on a  new collection,
When bringing someone’s  jewelry dream to life.
We  favor the tradiotions,
But can never withstand the temptaion of  joining the unjoinable.
The jewelry workshop to us is place,
Where magic  dwells.

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